Firstly, plan ahead – before leaving to collect your cake ensure that the area you are hoping to place the cake for transportation is clean and clear. We recommend foot-wells or car boots, however in the case of spacious car boots please also bring along a non-slip mat or soft packing items to pack the cake box into the boot to prevent it from sliding around en route. Generally travelling with a cake on a car seat or passenger’s lap is not recommended due to the uneven nature of these surfaces, which can potentially destabilise the internal structure of the cake, resulting in irreparable damage. If you must travel with a cake on the car seat, bring something deep, sturdy and flat with you, such as a deep hard backed book, to place in the small of the seat and so even out the tilting angle of the seat. Please note, if placing the cake in a foot well, do not leave any items on the seat above – handbags, ladies! – Which could slide off and damage your cake!

Please remember that once the cake has left our premises, we are no longer liable for any damage that may occur.

Should any damage occur which requires repair, this will be undertaken at the Manager’s discretion and at additional cost to the customer, providing repair is possible and we have availability to undertake the repair. Sadly, we cannot promise to be able to repair any damaged cake, though of course we will always try our best in the circumstances!

Please be aware that hot weather conditions can compromise the quality and stability of any cake – please ensure if you are travelling on a hot day that you do so with the Air Conditioning on and/or your windows open to ensure the cake does not overheat.

Many of our creations are collected ahead of the occasion/event they are intended for rather than taken straight to the venue – in this instance, please ensure that when storing your cake at home prior to the occasion that you do so in a cool, dry, dark place out of direct sunlight, out of the reach of pets and always in the packaging provided. Never leave in your vehicle for prolonged periods and ideally do not leave inside garages etc. overnight unless you are positive they are pest free! Likewise, upon arrival/display at your venue or event please ensure the cake is not displayed or stored in direct sunlight and remove any inedible decorations or internal supports, as noted on your packaging before serving.

Here’s to enjoying your special cake!

Cake was a hit as always! Made me a little sad cutting in to it but was very yummy thank you xxx

My Dad and the family loved the cake. Everyone was so impressed with how much detail was on there. It was a piece of art that also tasted amazing. Thank you again. xx


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Jamie’s birthday cake. It’s amazing and tastes lovely!! Didn’t want to cut it.


Thank you so much for my baby shower cake, it was amazing and the detail was unbelievable, it looked and tasted amazing. Thank you.


Just wanted to say thanks again for creating such a brilliant cake to help us celebrate Rogers birthday. You took all our ideas and make a perfect cake. Lots of guests commented on how wonderful it was and it really was a show stopper at the party. And of course it tasted amazing!

Thank you so much. We had the best day!! The cake looked absolutely amazing and tasted even better!! You have been really fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. Thanks x